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    Hobie World Cat

    What is the Hobie World Cat?

    The Hobie World Cat is an exclusive regatta, where only teams of the worlds best Hobie 16 sailors compete. Prosail, organising authority, will be the host for the selected teams for the whole event: the sailors get an accomodation nearby the event area, food & drinks and a Hobie 16 branded with their national flags.

    6 days of spectacular racing in the surf of Sylt, directly in front of the beach where thousands of visitors cheer the sailors on the water. All races are live commented by two professional moderators. Every evening a nice music program on the event stage and a big price giving ceremony where the winner team will get the coveted trophy.

    How to qualify for the Hobie World Cat?

    ProSail will elect Hobie 16 teams from different countries according to their national ranking and the results of World and continental championships.
    The elected sailors will get a personal invitation from ProSail Sail Events.

    You could also apply for one of the famous starting places. The only thing you need to do is to write a short application and add a recommendation of your national class association. Send your application to info@prosail.de.

  • Teams 2018

    Daniel Bjørnholt Christensen
    Nicolaj Bjørnholt Christensen
    • World Champion 2016 (China)
    • 1 x Hobie 16 Youth World Champion
    • 2 x Hobie 16 Youth Europeans Champion
    • 2nd World Champion Youth ISAF
    • 2nd World Champion Hobie Wild Cat 2013
    • Denmark National Champion
    Sylvain Chanteloup
    Adélie Pomade
    • 2nd at the Hobie 16 French Nationals in 2013 and 2017
    • French National Hobie 16 champions in 2015
    • 13th at the Hobie 16 Europeans in 2017

    Blaine Dodds

    Jens Goritz
    Katrin Wiese-Dohse

    • Masters Weltmeister
    • mehrmaliger Vize Europameister
    • Masters Europameister
    • 4x Deutscher Meister
    • Mehrmaliger 2. Platz Kieler Woche 
    • 5. Hobie 14  Weltmeisterschaft

    Antonello Ciabatti
    Luisa Mereu

    • Eight times Italian champions
    • Several times Sardinia champions
    • 1st place master europeans 2013
    Claudio Teixeira
    Thais Langer
    • 2014: Australia - 3rd place world class - cat. Master
    • 2015: Toronto, Canada: Brazilian representative at the Pan American Games
    • 2016: Fortaleza, Brazil - Brazilian champion - cat. Open
    Ben Brown
    Casey Astiz
    • 2nd at Hobie 16 North American Championship 2017
    • 10th at Hobie 16 World Championship 2016
    • 2nd at Hobie 16 Youth World Championship 2016
    • 3 x Hobie 16 Youth North American Championship



  • Results

    The current and the past winners of the Hobie World Cat

    Rank Nation Name
    1st Cam Owen
    Susan Ghent
    2nd Daniel Bjørnholt Christensen
    Nicolaj Bjørnholt Christensen
    3rd Ingo Delius
    Sabine Delius-Wenig

    Nicklas Heide
    Kim Liedke
    5th Daniel Nottingham
    Rafael Freire Feijó
    6th Garth Loudon
    Robbie Edouard-Betsy
    7th Silvain Chanteloup
    Adélie Pomade
    8th Jeff Newsome
    Michelle Eatough
    9th Nicolas Liebel
    Laurence Liebel


    Daniel Bjørnholt Christensen
    Nicolaj Bjørnholt Christensen


    Lucinda Edwards
    William Edwards


    James Wierzbowski
    Pip Pietromonaco
    Chris Hancock
    Tom Schreyack


    Detlef Mohr
    Karen Wichardt


    Cédric Bader
    Nathalie Souquet


  • The ultimate Hobie 16 speed challenge

    A worldwide unique speed race!

    Within spitting distance to the visitors and parallel to the beach the Hobie 16 sailors have to sail a 320-m-long distance as fast as possible. Each competing Team has several attempts to make their fastest run in a specific time slot.

    The speed race was first developed in August 2016 by the organizers of the Hobie 16 World Cat on the famous island Sylt, Germany. But the idea of this speed challenge was already some years ago in their mind, but they have waited for the perfect circumstances: best wind & weather, excellent race management, the perfect time measurement team and the worlds best Hobie 16 sailors.

    The winners

    2017: Denmark
    Daniel Bjørnholt Christensen
    Nicolaj Bjørnholt Christensen


    2016: Denmark
    Daniel Bjørnholt Christensen
    Nicolaj Bjørnholt Christensen
  • Program 2018

    6 days of spectacular racing in the surf of Sylt, live interviews with the sailors, a great music program in the evening and much more!

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